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Net Detective.. On the Net Detective site I backed out of their order page without hitting "submit" after reading their privacy statement, thinking I was safe from getting charged.

Wrong!!! They charged me 29.95 for 3 months and when I called to try to cancel the account they acted like I am an ***...which I might be for even considering using these losers.

In the process of trying to cancel the fraudulent account they would not give me a full name of the operator,(which does make sense, but I needed a name for future references) and they would not provide a cancellation confirmation number. Stay away from this site.

Review about: Net Detective Account.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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"would not give me a full name of the operator"

For privacy reasons, companies do not have to give out their full name. They do, however, HAVE to provide the caller an employee reference ID (usually a 5 or 6 digit code) and confirmation codes for reviewing and legal purposes (otherwise they set themselves up for legal troubles.) Good on you for pushing it.

That said, don't feel *** about falling into it. Even though we're taught from birth to read the fine print, to societal norm of rushing through stuff conditions us to assume everything is a-ok, and even at that we can still miss stuff. My and my husband's contact information was stolen when we entered a draw at a convention last winter, and he lost about $600 because of it. Sooner or later something slips in. Best we can do is remember to look stuff up on sites like

In any case, thank you for posting this review! Really appreciate that people are voicing detailed issues!


I agree this is a scam. They charged me on my credit card two charges.

29.95 and 10.00 without my knowledge. I called them and spoke to a female representative requesting credit for the unauthorized charges. She told me she would cancel my account but I would have to pay the charges and was ready to hang up on me. I insisted to speak to a supervisor and got nowhere with her either.

This site is a total scam and and they basically stole 39.95 from me. I can get more infromation fron which is free.

The Florida Attorney General will be notified by me after this message. To anybody thinking about subscribing to this site I warn you it's nothing more than a SCAM and the site is worthless and the information you receive is many years outdated.


NET DETECTIVE is a scam! I feel violated.

Is there anything we can do to stop them?

How about a Class Action Lawsuit? Any good lawyers out there willing to get involved?

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