I subscribed to Net Detective for a one- time fee. I didn't realize that they are debiting my account every month.

Can't find a way to stop them; the site doesn't have a link to cancel and get my money back. I paid the $29.00 fee in good faith as a one-time fee. Went to the customer help site and found only questions about changing passwords or names. I used the service, possible twice and it was a waste of time and money.

The information they provided was available through other sources and was not what the advertisement promises.

Please help!

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I had to cancel my bank card and get a new one


I hope they do not continue to charge our account, but it looks as though they will. I usually alsways look at reviews first, i was helping a friend and decided maybe i could justify the cost and use it myself.

If my friend was'nt in need i would have never looked on here. This place sucks, i could even find my self, and that is bad.


Hey not sure if this is still an issue with you but i got their number and email address, to the company that supports, and sells their services. email support@hdpublishing.com

These people are known as HD Publishing group.

Remember they do have a 90 Day Guarentee... also their number is 386 736 3881


net detective has a phone number on their site to call for problems. It is 1-386-736-3881 also, your bank can stop it also if you didn't authorize and you've told your bank I suggest you call the division of banks--a government agency in your state and file a complaint against your bank or if you want have your bank close your account and give you a new account number

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