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Net Detective used to show results for most people searches. NOW, however the names that a few months ago did bring up some results have been replaced with zero results.

Names that formerly produced known results ( I knew the people existed in the specified state ) now give you a response that reads:

No Results! Obviously thinks "ok, this customer will probably pay for the next step up, which evidently is Net Detective Plus. What swindlers, huh? There are some good search engines out there, and Net Detective is probably the worst!

Do Not subscribe to this company.

My searches were conducted during the years of 2008 through 2010. Now even a search for a known person like John Jones in any state produces the No Results, uh so-called result.

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Netdetective.com is a ripoff dysfunctional money grabbing so-called name/phone/etc. search site.

It doesn't work.

It gives NO RESULTS for all searches. Including the ones that formerly produced results.

BEWARE of this site because it does not do what you paid it to do.

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