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    • Fairly good information 3
    • I was able to locate people i was looking for 2
    • There were results most of the time 2
  • Customers don't like
    • Subscription cancelled without my knowledge or authorization 6
    • Having my membership cancelled without my knowledge 5
    • Sometimes outdated information 2

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They cancel me also and it was suppose to be for permanent when I joined Add comment

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Paid Subscription canceled for what reason? Add comment

I am very very upset tgat the system is down as I am supposed to be a lifetime member. When will it be back up Add comment

Like all the other peeps who bought a Net Detective Lifetime Membership, my only complaint is that they're not still around with the original proprietor, Harris Publishing. I could always get a response either by phone or email if I couldn't login. Since I bought the lifetime membership in the early 1990's for $29.95, I used it often and have no complaints...was able to locate many people, find out info I couldn't find anywhere else on the net and I'm sad they're gone...the only complaint is having the company change and cancel memberships... Read more

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I Paid Lifetime membership to Net Detective in 2006 and used it once in a while. Now I am not able to log in..What's going on with the site? Are they going out of business or just trying to recoup from us lifetime membership holders? Legally are they able to do this? Class Action Suit ?? - This may be something we can look into..i am interested...anyone else? Contact me - do we make contact with them to see what's going on? Contract that we agreed on when we subscribed Read more

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I purchased net detective on March 4, 2016. I have not been able to log in once. Have tried to contact the company the company, guess what, to send them an email you have to have a number to put on the email. You can't submit the email without it and you have to login to net detective to get the number. This site sucks. Years ago it was a very good place to get information on someone. I can not even find a phone number to call or some way to get help out of them. Read more

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I have had and paid for a lifetime membership many years ago and loved it. Then all of a sudden it's gone. Wonder if we all could get a class action lawsuit started. We were lied to and Advanced Net Detective Plus broke their end of the agreement ??? This, to me was a contract. We don't deserve to be exposed to rude nasty remarks from their customer service representatives and still not get the problem resolved or our fee refunded. I am truly disappointed in this company! Class Action??? Any comments ? Read more

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I've had a "Net Detective" membership over 15 years, I paid for a lifetime membership. I was in my account within the last 6 mos and now when I try to log in it says my account is expired, WTF??? Now they want to charge me $29 a month??? There is a plethora of detective software available online, you would think they wouldn't screw over their current members and send them to the competition??? When did they switch from to In any case I should have been notified of the site change and unauthorized... Read more

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