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  • Customers like
    • Fairly good information 3
    • I was able to locate people i was looking for 2
    • There were results most of the time 2
  • Customers don't like
    • Subscription cancelled without my knowledge or authorization 7
    • Having my membership cancelled without my knowledge 5
    • Sometimes outdated information 2

I am getting ready to close my account they said I overdrafted and I didn't and now I owe them $92 and they stole my $48 I haven't gotten any information they said I received the money I finally have a receipt saying declined and they are just stealing my money and I'm tired it hurts I'm on disability I need my money they just a corporation getting rich giving away free account and stealing from me and you will then I'm done with NetSpend... Read more

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I was searching for a blank card to change my life for the best but it all turn out to be a nightmare after being scammed by several fake hackers. I was more in deep debts that i could have ever imagine, that i cant put food on my kids table. One Sunday morning, i was in Facebook chatting with my niece and i cam across different people making comment on this email{} stating how they got the card from... Read more

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I am not happy that I no longer can get into Net, I paid for life time membership several years ago and was not informed of any changes that would be taking place. I used this site to locate my class reunion information and found it to be the best site to do this. How do I get back into the site. Unable to find any info on how to do this. So what happens next? You want me to o at least 100 word, but really have nothing more to say, so... Read more

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they sold me a life time membership and I cant even get to there web site operated by Harris Digital Publishing/Web Software/CTP 1392 S. Woodland Blvd Deland, FL 32720 it all ends up on the same looking web site, buyer beware, I bought there program back in 2005 and now I am unable to contact the to ask any questions or I cant load any of the programs that I have... Read more

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They cancel me also and it was suppose to be for permanent when I joined Add comment

Get rich today and take the risk of transforming your own life.Try and get an ATM card blank today (MR WANDY) and be among the lucky ones who are benefiting from this card. This ATM card in white set is capable of hacking into any ATM anywhere in the world. I have to know about this blank ATM card when I was looking for work online about a month ago..It has really changed my life forever and now I can say I'm rich because I am a living... Read more

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Paid Subscription canceled for what reason? Add comment

I am very very upset tgat the system is down as I am supposed to be a lifetime member. When will it be back up Add comment

Like all the other peeps who bought a Net Detective Lifetime Membership, my only complaint is that they're not still around with the original proprietor, Harris Publishing. I could always get a response either by phone or email if I couldn't login. Since I bought the lifetime membership in the early 1990's for $29.95, I used it often and have no complaints...was able to locate many people, find out info I couldn't find anywhere else on the net... Read more

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I Paid Lifetime membership to Net Detective in 2006 and used it once in a while. Now I am not able to log in..What's going on with the site? Are they going out of business or just trying to recoup from us lifetime membership holders? Legally are they able to do this? Class Action Suit ?? - This may be something we can look into..i am interested...anyone else? Contact me - do we make contact with them to see what's... Read more

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